16. April 2024 Börse Dresden
Dev Day 2017

How GitHub uses GitHub to design, develop and deploy GitHub

Learn how GitHub’s globally distributed teams use GitHub tooling to develop and design GitHub, collaborate with engineering, sales, marketing and legal and deploy more than 500 times a week. Experience ChatOps, feature toggles and refactoring in production based on life demos and real examples.

* Zen of GitHub as guiding philosophy for any new feature work, nature of features, internal and external communication
* remote nature of GitHub organization and its implications on standups, pair programming and working style (default to asynchronous)
* walk through the GitHub Flow based on examples from different teams (engineering, web site, legal, services, solution engineering)
* introduction of GitHub’s deployment API and life demo how to use it from Slack and Hubot
* introduction into ChatOps
* ChatOps examples from the DevOps team
* ChatOps in the context of continuous deployment at GitHub
* introduction to the confidence dashboard (deployment metrics)
* introduction to Haystack (exception monitor)
* Feature Toggles @ GitHub (based on flipper)
* Refactoring in production @ GitHub (based on scientist)
* Q & A

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